156.3Pts Profit So Far In 2015! Average Monthly Profit Of 31.2Pts

Hi There,

My name is Tom and Welcome to my Profitable Runners Horse Racing Service.

Here’s some information about my service:

  • Profit in 2015 so far 156.3pts
  • Profit in 2015 to level £20 bets = £3,126.00
  • Current month (May) profit to level £20 bets = £574.20
  • Average monthly profit 31.2pts (£624)
  • Average Strike Rate of 18.3%

What is Profitable Runners?

This is a service I have been running for a couple of years now. I started the service in 2013 after checking out multiple betting products that promised great profits and as you have probably guessed delivered nothing!

"I look for value in the bets I place and this results in some great returns."

I have no wish to place a £20 bet on a horse to see a return of £30 something (making me £10), so I do not back favourites.

Anyone can pick a few favourites and claim a 30% strike rate, but when you look at their profit, its basically not worth the time.

A lot of these services I checked out previously told me that I could make thousands per month, some claimed even more.

Now this is total BS with horse racing!!

Unless you’re winning at a ridiculous rate of over 50% and backing each horse with hundreds of pounds.

What I do is I place a level stake on each horse, £20 on the nose for the horse to win and as I mentioned I look for value.

All selections I back are above 6/1 (7.0) odds some a lot higher.

Check out these recent winners I’ve had:

Saturday 23rd May - Catterick (3.00 Race)
Breakable - Winning at 7.75 BSP

Friday 22nd May - Bath (4.25 Race)
French Encore - Winning at 21.5 BSP

Wednesday 20th May - Warwick (4.40 Race)
War Singer
- Winning at 7.17 BSP

Sunday 17th May - Ripon (2.10 Race)
Dodgy Bob
- Winning at 9.88 BSP

Thursday 14th May - York (4.20 Race)
- Winning at 18.91 BSP

Thursday 5th May - Sedgefield (2.10 Race)
Captain Swift
- Winning at 13.5 BSP

As at the 24th May I am up this month 28.71pts to level 1pt win bets on each selection.

To my £20 level stakes that’s a profit of £574.20

So how does this work?

I back 2 selections each day, both selections must have odds over 7.0 (6/1)

I hit an average of 11 wins per month. So there will be days where neither selection comes in, and my current longest losing streak is 19.

9 days with no winners and then the 2nd bet coming in on day 10.

This bet is shown above, after my win on the 5th May, I went til the 14th May but picking up winning odds of 13.5 before the losing streak and 18.91 when it ended still left me in profit!

If you are interested in backing some great value horses (2 per day) and pulling in an average monthly profit of £624.00 to level £20 bets then just click below to join…

I know a lot of you will be sceptical about this as you probably are with most services these days so I will give you the chance to check out my service at a truly great rate.


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Tom - ProfitableRunners.com

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